spectacular cityscape of Verucchio

Verucchio chosen as windows spotlight image

My photo of Verucchio has been chosen as Windows Spotlight Screen Lock Image First of all: Let me wish you a very joyful New Year despite these difficult times. Logging to my personal computer I found out a nice surprice: Windows people chose my photo of Verucchio to be the Windows Spotlight Screen Lock image for this beginning of 2022! I’m very … Read More

cityscape of Bologna

Cityscape of Bologna

Aerial panoramic cityscape of Bologna, Italy, above rooftops of typical houses, ancient buildings and medieval towers About visiting Bologna, there is an unwritten law: if you stay at Bologna, you’ll leave fatter! Bolognese cuisine is delicious and irresistible, indeed. Bologna is not a top tourist destination like Rome, Venice or Florence. It’s a pity because it’s a very interesting city. … Read More

panorama of Firenze

Breathtaking panorama of cityscape of Firenze in Tuscany, Italy

Church of Santa Maria del Fiore and Church of San Lorenzo in panorama of Firenze in Tuscany, Italy Firenze! This charming city always gives me a warm and generous welcome. I love to get lost wandering through its streets and photographing the churches is exciting! And to be honest, shopping is addictive here! yes: this is one of my best … Read More

Parish Church in Medugorje

The church of Saint James in Medjugorje, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Catholics Parish Church in Medugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina: one of my best picks! Medjugorje is a place of pilgrimage of deep spirituality: whether or not you believe in the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, there is no doubt that this is a place of salvation where many people manage to save their lives. Lots of drug addicts have … Read More

amazing view of the roofs of Giovinazzo, typical ancient town near Bari in Puglia in Southern Italy

skyscape of Giovinazzo

This amazing view of the roofs of Giovinazzo is one of my best picks I really like this shot of the roofs of Giovinazzo, typical Apulian town, in Italy. According to legends, Perseo founded the original Jovis Natio in Apulia. I remember it was a very pleasant summer evening and I was relaxing on the terrace of a tasty restaurant … Read More

The Collegiata Santa Maria Maddalena church in Atran 800

The Collegiata Santa Maria Maddalena church in Atrani

This shot of Atrani sunset is one of my best picks You can find this photo on the major stock agencies: You probably have already met this sunset but now you can buy this photo directly from me. Original size of the photo is 5472 x 3648 pixels Where you can get this waterscape of Atrani In particular you can … Read More

Public square of miracle in Pisa 80016

Square of miracles or Piazza dei miracoli in Pisa

This dazzling view of Pisa is in my best picks You probably had already met this photo because it’s for sale at the major stock agencies: now you can buy this photo directly from me. It was a very hot summer and usually the afternoon is not the best moment to take some photographs. Well, Pisa is breathtaking and I’ve … Read More