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NFT of Burano Island, Venice in italy

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Hi! I’m Vivida!

Pleased to meet you!

Thank you for being here!

I’m a photographer, and I’m Italian: Ciao!

You may have already met me

Or maybe you’ve met my photos

I’m a commercial and editorial stock photographer

You may have seen my photos in magazines, web sites, blogs, company reports and projects, ads or products for sale!

I love stock photography but it’s strongly focused on commerce.

Often stock photography is too restricted for me

So sometimes I just have to let my spirit fly free!

And then I’m a Fine Art photographer too!

Maybe my photos are already decorating your home!

I’m really excited if somebody feels strong emotions because of my photos, whether stock or fine art

I don’t love social media but I love socializing and I like to convey emotions!

This is my project: I want to merge the stock and fine art experiences together

I create digital mosaic artworks that are composed of small stock photos and illustrations

By doing this, I blend the two worlds living inside me!

NFTs are the best tool to make these artworks available to the world because an NFT is by definition the blending of the real and digital worlds, of technical skills and artistic creativity

Every one of my NFT mosaics is a unique piece, composed by thousands of tiles; each tile is a perfect, enjoyable photo.

This makes me really happy because … You can enjoy my NFT artwork from afar, looking at it as a whole … But as you get closer … what fun to discover its hidden secrets!

Let’s have fun!

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NFT of illustration of Burano Island
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